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Novel Fluorescent Probes for live-cell imaging of Nitric Oxide

geNOps – genetically encoded nitric oxide (NO•) probes – are a novel class of fluorescent biosensors that allow real-time imaging of NO• dynamics on the single (sub)cellular level [Eroglu et al. Nat. Commun. 2016]. The NO• sensors are available in three different colors (cyan, green and orange) either localized in the cytosol or targeted to the mitochondrial matrix. As controls NO•-insensitive mutated constructs (ΔgeNOps) are offered. The novel NO• probes are available as optimized mammalian expression vectors for transfections and adeno viruses for delivering the geNOp-encoding DNA efficiently to biological samples of interest. For fast screening assays a cell line stably expressing green fluorescent geNOp (G-geNOp) is also offered.

Here we provide ready-to-use geNOps-encoding plasmids and related products in high quality for completing whole sets of experiments: