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Novel Fluorescent Probes for Ratiometric (Sub)cellular pH Imaging

pH-Lemons – genetically encoded FRET-based pH probes for (sub)cellular (cytosol, autophagosomes and lysosomes, the secretory pathway and cell surface) imaging of pH dynamics of neutral to acidic variations [Burgstaller Sandra et al. ACS Sensors 2019]. Here we provide ready-to-use pH-Lemon-encoding plasmids and related products in high quality for pH imaging experiments:

pH Lemon - cytosolic

pH Lemon cytosolic

 270.00 excl.VAT

pH Lemon - GPI

pH Lemon GPI

 270.00 excl.VAT

pH Lemon - LC3B

pH Lemon LC3B

 270.00 excl.VAT