AnglerFish – available soon €28,000.00 to €36,000.00 according to configuration (price excl.VAT)

The NGFI AnglerFish is an affordable high quality researcher-designed inverted fluorescence microscope with

  • up to 3 LEDs
  • 2 simultaneous high-resolution CMOS cameras for e.g. FRET measurements
  • motor driven and programmable xyz- stage
  • on system vibration absorption
  • lightproof and leak proof microscope chamber for use in open laboratory
  • software for live mode and time lapse mode live-cell imaging
    allows live and quantitative simultaneous multi-D measurements (e.g. Fura-2 and GFP/OFP FRET)
    our programmable perfusion system PS-9D with 9 reservoirs is plug-in ready