High resolution fluorescence imaging of cell signaling

We perform your imaging experiments

Thousands of genetically encoded fluorescent probes for imaging ions, small signaling molecule, messengers and metabolites, and key enzymes are already available. Accordingly, these kinds of probes allow high resolution imaging of cell signaling under physiological and pathological conditions. However, often researchers are unable to benefit from such sophisticated techniques as an implementation of respective imaging systems, the correct usage of protein-based fluorescent probes, and the analysis and interpretation of results is exceedingly elaborative and requires highly specialist personal. To circumvent these embarrassments in a fast and costly way NGFI will perform your imaging experiments and analysis of interest. Please contact us.



We establish state-of-the-art live-cell imaging in your lab

Often live-cell imaging does not provide desired outcomes in a reliable manner. Many parameters such as microscope settings, cell culture conditions, perfusion systems, buffer compositions, experimental protocols and many more issues need to be solved and optimized to obtain meaningful results. NGFI offers on-site support and guidance by highly experienced researchers and technicians to speed up establishing a well-working live-cell imaging system in your institution. Please contact us.



We demonstrate the power of your fluorescence microscope for live-cell imaging

Companies that produce cutting-edge microscopes usually do not have in-depth expertise in biological applications and resources to fully test and exhibit the usability of their systems with living samples. Experts from NGFI offer the organization and performance of thrilling research trade-shows in order to convince potential customers about the practicability of your systems for various live cell imaging approaches.Please contact us.