Development of genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors

We provide the optimization of fluorescent-protein-based biosensors for your special needs.

With genetically encoded fluorescent probes almost every signaling event can be visualized in single cells using fluorescence microscopy. Sometimes existing probes are not optimized in regard of their colors, subcellular targeting, responsiveness and sensitivity and, hence, are often impractical to use. We provide the complete re-design, construction and testing of existing probes for your special issues. The aim is to come up with optimized and useful probes for your research. Please contact us.


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We develop completely novel fluorescent probes that will answer your research questions.

Using state-of-the-art techniques our experts will provide newly designed genetically encoded fluorescent probes for your particular research.

We offer a 3-step concept:

1.) Design & Feasibility Study

2.) Cloning of Promising Candidates

3.) Testing and Full Characterisation

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